Our daddy is gone
And it won't be long til you see
Our world come tumbling down

Didn't show up for work
He's probably lurking outside some store
With a gun in his hands

Living a lie
And thinking of buying some dope
Getting all high
And all we can do is hope

We've nowhere to go
Now, outside the snow's falling hard; getting dark
We're done for this time

There's nothing to eat
And no one we meet wants to help
They just turn their heads the other way

Drifting around
To find us a warm place to stay
Safe and sound
But all we can do is to pray

Please, daddy, come back
Come back to us and take away all the hunger
Sadness and pain

His head full of blow
The blood stains the snow; daddy dear
He won't come back ever again

Wanted to try
But couldn't stay sober, it seems
Daddy goodbye
We'll see you in all of our dreams