Song of Sam

You know, I woke up late this morning
Everything was such a mess
There is one thing on my mind
I really think I should confess
I had the srangest of dreams
and it involved you in a certain pose

Well, you shouldn't have to worry
It was surely just a dream
But this fucked up situation
Kind of makes me wanna scream
You've got me floating all high
On emotional overdose

Spin me around
We'll watch the world go by
Forget everything
Don't ask the question why

We'll run away to Santiago
I don't know exactly why
But I know I'd like to see
The Southern Cross before I die
Let's grab our only chance to live
Before it is too late

Don't blame yourself
You didn't see it coming
I didn't see it coming
No one could
Maybe it was all about fate

(The stuff before)